Thinking about Wealth Protection Strategies?

Shaikh & Co often get asked this question from perplexed individuals – “How do I go about protecting and passing on my Estate?” Naturally you want to build up your estate during your lifetime. This can include personal property and shares as well as businesses that you own, however you feel that the government want to tax as much of that as they can. Planning ahead during your lifetime and the use of Trusts can help to ensure that your beneficiaries get as much of your Estate as legally possible and we will help you to achieve that, as well as retain control of your affairs.

Ask us about our – Professional Review. Our team of expert professionals will analyse all your assets to make sure that they are tax efficiently structured and fit in with your family’s needs as well as your wishes. At the same time we can make recommendations on any necessary amendments to your Will.

Often it is recommended to use Trusts as part of your Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning and we will explain to you how these can work. If you decide to set up a Trust, we will then liaise with your solicitor and you, ensuring that the resultant documentation reflects your wishes.