Does your business leave room for your life—or consume it?

It all starts when the aspiring entrepreneur decides it would be a great idea to start his or her own business, It’s then in a false belief one assumes that knowing how to do the work of a business is all one needs to understand in order to start and grow a business. They go to work, constructing, scaffolding, or whatever they are good at, at the time little do they know that this is none of which is the true work of the entrepreneur.

In doing so, the person who starts his or her own business is lost in the teeming confusion created by demands he or she never anticipated…the demands of organization, the demands of cash flow, the demands of people i.e. employees, customers, suppliers, banks, family etc. They are simply not prepared for the demands that are going to be made on them. The longer they’re in business, the worse it gets. There is no vision; there is only being a slave to work and staying alive. The excitement is long gone, the entrepreneurial vision a vague memory, all he or she does is work, work and work in the business at the expense of working on the business.

The entrepreneur should not be really interested in doing the work; he should be interested in creating the way the company operates. In that regard, the entrepreneur is an inventor. He or she loves to invent, but does not love to manufacture or sell or distribute what he or she invents. You will not find entrepreneurs on the production line. You will find them in their office, their room, in their research centre, in their mind, dreaming about the product, or building a sample of the product, or drawing a picture of the product on the back of a napkin, not doing it, doing it, doing it.

The entrepreneur goes to work ON the business, not IN the business. The technician goes to work IN the business, not ON the business. The entrepreneur invents a business that is more successful than any other business. The technician invents a job and then continues to work for a living in the job he or she created. The difference is the difference of scale. The entrepreneur builds an enterprise; the technician builds a job.

The entrepreneur is an anathema to the bureaucrat. Creativity, innovation, and change are terrifying to the bureaucrat. On the other hand, the organization of a vision, the planning of growth, and the systems through which the entrepreneurial vision is manifested in operating the company are critical if the vision is going to become a reality. It’s the balance between the two that is key. First the vision, then the organisation.

Managing any business today is tough…and getting tougher. We’re all faced with more demanding customers, more and stronger competition, increased complexity and disruption, and shrinking margins. Whatever product or service you sell, your market is overserved and under-differentiated. Mediocrity is no longer an option! We must all be extraordinary, or we’ll become irrelevant and be gone

Running a business properly is incredibly hard work.  But not running it properly is incredibly costly in lost revenue, missed opportunity and personal stress.  And, yet, proactively ‘running the business’ is, at best, a low-priority, part-time activity for many business owners.

This is where at Shaikh & Co we go to work on your ideas and help you, we understand that It takes study, practice, continuous education and experience for the entrepreneur to create a world class company. While entrepreneurs seem to be born with the qualities and traits that mark them, there has, in fact, been an enormous amount of trial and error in their lives. Trial and error is good and necessary, but it is essential to study and practice, following a logical curriculum, development of the requisite skills and above it all a well-chosen advisor with the appropriate knowledge and experience is a must . That is what we help our clients with to enable them to achieve extraordinary success in the appropriate time frame and avoid pitfall, read the testimonials, and you will see a bit of what we talking about.

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Shaikh & Co is built around all the core accountancy services that you would expect, but we also offer real tangible benefits to the individuals and businesses that we work with. If you take a look around our website we think you will be amazed at how helpful an association with Shaikh & Co will be, You also will find a comprehensive list of what we cover under our Services tab to help you make more money, improve your profitability and pay less tax.

Stop Press announced Shaikh & Co’s achievement

On Sunday 10th April 2016 the Sunday Times published their first supplement listing the Top 200 Accountants in the UK based on reviews on the independent consumer ratings website We are extremely proud to say that Shaikh & Co was featured in that list. Please click here for a digital copy of the Sunday Times guide. announced Shaikh & Co’s achievement as follows:

To be included Gulam was highly recommended by 41 of his clients. All had rated his services over 4 stars out of 5, which is a fantastic achievement. We would like to thank all of the clients who took the time to share their positive feedback on To view Shaikh & Co’s certificate of achievement please click here.

Comments Adam Price, Founder of At VouchedFor we are passionate about helping people to find great financial and legal advice. At certain points in life the majority of us would benefit from expert help with complex issues such as pension planning, securing a mortgage or for advice on a legal issue. Listing professionals alongside verified reviews from their existing clients makes it easy to find a respected and trusted expert like Gulam to help. We would like to congratulate Gulam on being one of the Top 200 – it’s a great endorsement of the service Shaikh & Co provides.

You can see his reviews by clicking HERE

Shaikh & Co awarded exclusive accolade from their Peers and Independent Tax Experts

We thought you would like to know that we have just been awarded the Tax Advice Network’s “Quality Mark Award”, an exclusive and highly sought after accreditation which is only given to a small number of Accountants.

According to the panel, the reasons for presenting Shaikh & Co with this award, amongst other criteria, was the way we communicated information through our website, some of the key points on the website were highlighted as follows:

  • The layout and design is easy to use, the navigation features are simple and effective
  • It is regularly updated with relevant, quality information that clients want and need
  • It is packed with lots of useful additional features, help sheets and information tools
  • It is not flashy or gimmicky and it speaks to people and businesses in a straightforward, way, jargon free and to the point
  • There are clear ways of requesting a call back, contacting an expert and putting a face to a name via the ‘meet the team page’
  • There is lots of support for existing clients as well as a regular newsletter to keep them up to date with all the latest information

Clear & Transparent Pricing Award.

This year 2019 here at Shaikh & Co we were delighted to receive an award from Go Proposal, the award shows that we are continuing to embrace the fixed fee philosophies we have for so long. This involves making it completely clear what services we provide, how these services add massive value to our clients and how our pricing is totally transparent.

In rewarding the award to Shaikh & Co, “James Ashford the chairman of GoProposal said “It’s about subscribing to a set of beliefs and values which underpin your commitment to maximising the value you provide to your clients. and in communicating that value, it’s all about being able to show clients exactly what they’re getting and what that costs in a clear and transparent way”.

In recognition of this and to help you to communicate what you stand for to your clients and the world, we are proud to be awarding you our “Clear & Transparent Pricing Award.”