Whether you need Business Finance, Property Finance, Working Capital or Corporate Finance it is vitally important that you finance your assets appropriately and we can ensure that you do! We will assist you to finalise your specific requirements, assess them on your behalf and submit an application for your required commercial loan, continuing to manage the process up to the point of completion.

No matter whether you are an established business looking to expand or a new business, raising finance is something that concerns companies of all sizes when extra funding is needed.

Shaikh & Co work with a number of companies when it comes to raising finance, and specialise in arranging business finance and commercial loans for business people. We can assist you to apply for, and be successful in, many requirements including property development, raising working capital, bridging loans, commercial mortgages, buy to lets, buying into partnerships and buying partners out.

We have close associations with factoring and invoice discounting companies, high street banks and specialist finance houses; and will guide you through all the processes associated with your application.

We can provide reports reviewing your company’s management information system, forecasting methods, and management accounts to highlight any fundamental problems that may exist and ensure that the type of funding you are considering is right for you. A business plan is an important tool when trying to articulate your ideas, and a well-structured and convincing plan is integral to conveying these ideas to funders. Shaikh & Co can assist with the preparation of the supporting material and financial models required when submitting proposals to funders, we can also help you continue to monitor your business plan and update it regularly to assist in planning for the future.

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Our clients choose Shaikh & Co because of our in-depth understanding of the issues that are specific to their business, not to mention our attention to detail, and our determination to help them succeed.

We know that we can help you because, along with our Contacts and Partners, we have already provided solutions to these businesses.

Retail – Single Debtor Finance – Turnover: £1m; Funds out: £300,000

Situation: In this case a sole trader who has an furniture retail operation (online) secured a large order which could seriously enhance his business but his working capital was under threat due to the lengthy terms of payment the order had attached to it.

Solution: We engaged 2 lenders which resulted in the successful lender providing a flexible facility for the funding of the initial order and further facilities to allow the fulfilment of more order repeats.

Manufacturing – International Finance – Turnover: £20m; Funds out: £4m, additional bank facilities

Situation: A leader in their industry (design & manufacturing for cosmetics) who, despite their turnover doubling in the last year and a half, were being restricted by a partially funded factoring facility that was proving inflexible. They were having difficulty sourcing a new facility due to the multi-national, multi-currency nature of its debtors.

Solution: Shaikh & Co sourced an alternative funder, who despite the complexity and size of the new facilities needed, gave improved terms over the existing provider. In addition, the new funder provided a new clearing facility and duty deferment bond. The company is continuing to grow now that it has a new global, multi-currency invoice discounting facility underpinning it.

Distribution – Haulage Finance – Turnover: £4m; Funds out: £800k and banking facility

Situation: A haulage, warehousing and international distribution company had a coherent plan to return to profitability after winning back several large contracts following a 12 month downturn, but faced sever financial constraints from its existing bank lender to pay off an overdraft within one month or find a new funder.

Solution: We identified and secured an alternative funder providing the company with immediate financial relief via a new asset based lending facility which allowed the existing lender to extend the repayment term. This provided a long term sustainable financial structure allowing for future growth. The funder then instigated a smooth inter-factor transfer, allowing the company to move both banking and invoice finance facilities.

Contractual support services – Stage Payment Finance – Turnover: £1.5m; Funds out £150k

Situation: A fume and dust extraction systems installing business, a division of a family-run group, was suffering cash-flow issues as its working capital had been used to fund the start-up of another business within the group. The directors had ruled out invoice financing as unobtainable until consulting with us. We understood the group dynamics due to previous help in securing asset based finance.

Solution: Shaikh & Co identified that the division’s contractual work was fundable and introduced a new lender which today provides a flexible confidential invoice discounting facility.

Property – Asset Finance – Value: £1.5m unencumbered; Funds out: 70% LTV, 31m at 4.74%

Situation: Sole trader with an unencumbered buy-to-let property portfolio, underpinned by steady income from lettings via a Housing Association, was asset rich with a good credit rating but cash poor, restricting his ability to fund further expansion.

Solution: We helped the client source a competitive solution in the current market, a £1m advance at 4.74% with no redemption penalty. This allowed him flexibility to both grow and rapidly adapt to changing conditions.

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