Tax Returns and Self Assessment

Whether you are a sole trader or an individual, if you are in a partnership or have your own limited company, Shaikh & Co can help you with your Tax Returns.

We will prepare and complete your Tax Return for you, and once you have approved it, we will submit it online, which ensures that it doesn’t get lost in the post to HMRC and that you meet the deadline for submission.

An essential part of our service is to undertake a “sanity check” of your return prior to submission where we look at it as a whole to make sure it makes sense. If anything looks odd or is likely to attract the attention of the tax inspector, then we’ll initially check it over with you and discuss additional reporting to HM Revenue & Customs to explain any anomalies.

In addition to this we will deal with any correspondence from HMRC and negotiate on your behalf if necessary. We will advise you on your liabilities and seek to identify all future tax planning opportunities as they occur, giving you peace of mind as far as your Tax Returns are concerned and more time to spend on other things like investments or growing your business.

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