There is no such thing as a good tax
(Winston Churchill)

Tax Planning Services in Tunbridge Wells and Kent

Because tax law is constantly changing and incredibly complex, we offer a service tailored specifically to you which will help make the process as simple as possible for both business and personal customers. We deal with Business Tax, Corporation Tax, Personal Tax, Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Stamp Duty, VAT, PAYE, Non-domiciliary Tax Issues, Tax Efficient Employee Remuneration Strategies, Profit Extraction Strategies, IR 35 Advice and Self-Assessment Tax Returns. We ensure that all your tax affairs are in order and that you don’t pay a penny more than you need to. We don’t just process your tax returns and calculate your liability we ensure that you pay the minimum level of tax and offer you advice on tax planning opportunities looking to your future to ensure your needs and goals are met.

Corporation tax in particular will represent a substantial part of your trading costs. Moreover, the increased reporting obligations, robust investigation policies on the part of the tax authorities, and harsher penalties for non-compliance mean that an undue amount of your time and resources can be taken up collecting revenue for the Government.

We offer a range of services to help you minimise your corporate tax exposure and relieve you of the administrative burden of complying with tax legislation. These include taking full advantage of tax opportunities and reliefs, achieving the optimum capital or revenue tax treatment thereby determining the most tax effective structure for your business. We will make recommendations for you to reduce tax on disposals and maximise relief on acquisitions making the most of opportunities specific to your industry. Letting us act on your behalf in discussions with the tax authorities and meet the rigorous demands of compliance will take a weight off your mind allowing you to concentrate on increasing the profitability of your business.

Efficient corporate tax planning can result in potentially significant improvements in your bottom line.

Have you any concerns regarding HMRC? perhaps they have written to you and you are not sure how to reply? We have many years of experience in dealing with H M Revenue & Customs and in handling enquiries. We will work hard on your behalf to ease the process of the enquiry and minimise any additional tax due. In some cases we will even manage to secure tax refunds.