When you form a limited company you will be asked to provide an address to be used as your registered office. Most contractors simply use their home address, but there is an advantage to be gained by using Shaikh & Co as your registered office as we can receive all correspondence direct from H M Revenue & Customs and Companies House on your behalf.

Although dealing with business correspondence is a task, it is also an important part of running a successful company, particularly when dealing with official documents.

Shaikh & Co offers a service through which you can use our premises for your registered office address. We will receive all company mail and process it for you making you aware of any urgent information either by telephone or email. Not only this, but your accountant can directly action HMRC and Companies House documents leaving you free to generate more business without the hassle of postal administration.

We offer great advice for businesses both on this website and in person, so why not contact us today? Don’t forget we offer free, no obligation consultations to all new clients.

Alternatively why not pop in to our offices in Tunbridge Wells, or telephone 01892 552696