Think about ‘the unthinkable’ now and minimise your estate’s Inheritance Tax liability

Inheritance Tax is often a significant problem for moderately well off people. Having assets of over £325,000 on your death means there will be a charge to Inheritance Tax at 40 %. This often means that heirs are forced to sell some of the assets, including, sometimes, the family home in order to pay the tax bill. However, if planning is undertaken early on, it is a largely avoidable tax. In fact, Inheritance Tax is often referred to as a Tax of Choice.

We adopt a practical approach to provide you with straightforward workable advice to eliminate or minimise your liability. We take into account your overall position when assessing your options. Where you have your own financial advisers we will advise on tax aspects in conjunction with them if required. We use our extensive database to access up-to-date information and have arrangements with leading tax experts to obtain (when necessary) second opinions on our suggested routes at competitive fixed fees.

We advise on lifetime IHT planning, including the use of trusts, as well as post-death Deeds of Variation to minimise IHT after death if the appropriate planning has not been undertaken during your lifetime.

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