Bookkeeping Services in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

We LOVE book-keeping, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

All businesses are required to keep accurate records for both VAT and taxation purposes. Good book-keeping practices also benefit your business by helping you control and manage your finances, plan for future growth and ensure that your accounts are completed more efficiently, thus avoiding penalties for late filing. Shaikh & Co Accountants can provide comprehensive and accurate small business bookkeeping services which are adjusted and tailored to suit your particular business needs which can entail helping your existing accounts staff who have basic knowledge of bookkeeping or general admin staff with very little knowledge of bookkeeping. We can assist in both situations and also help with the implementation and training on the appropriate accounting software.

As part of our bookkeeping service we can prepare regular management accounts to help you manage your finances, your customer account balances, your supplier account balances, stock levels and, if you are trading as a company, they will allow you to plan the appropriate level of dividend to be drawn out. Management accounts are also good for identifying unprofitable or slow-moving services or goods, surpluses and bad debt or deficiencies in resources, so they can be a very powerful aid when decision making. We can help prepare Cash Flow Forecasts and work out the breakeven points as well as help you with determining and setting prices to achieve the desired level of profits you are aiming for.

With our expertise, we will take away the hassle of bookkeeping, giving you peace of mind and tidy paperwork. We will prompt you to hand over all the necessary information as and when it is required and remind you when deadlines for submission of official returns are approaching. We offer fixed competitive fees that are payable monthly so that you can spread the costs. Why not talk to us further about this essential service?