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VAT is one of the most moaned about taxes. Often people in business find it complicated and difficult to complete their VAT returns and dread each time this task comes around. However the correct completion of these is crucial as mistakes can be very costly, incurring fines and many lost hours in paperwork.

Shaikh & Co are happy to take over your book-keeping for a fixed fee, and this means that we will fill in your VAT returns for you. If you would prefer to keep your own books, then we can still fill in the VAT forms whenever the return is due, so long as you submit them to us in plenty of time. Lastly, if you want to complete the VAT returns yourself but just need some guidance, then we can provide you with the relevant training.

We can also advise you on VAT planning and VAT schemes that are suitable for your business or new ventures you may be considering; be it in the property sectors or for purchases of large items of capital equipment, where normally the VAT amounts involved are substantial. We will let you know when it might be sensible for you to de-register, as our experience tells us when that might be the case and, lastly, should any disputes arise, we will liaise with HMRC on your behalf.

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