Are you thinking about tax transactions which you think might be challenged by HMRC or looking to minimise your risk assessment score? Shaikh & Co will take that worry off your shoulders and help you to find an effective solution, which is as often achieved by preventing a dispute as it is with managing and resolving disputes when they occur.

Don’t wait until you run into difficulty. Talk to Shaikh & Co today. Our no-nonsense approach to preventing, managing and resolving tax disputes anticipates and mirrors HMRC’s strategy.

We have in-depth knowledge of the taxman’s approach to tax risk management and a full knowledge of tax administration – including information powers, the penalty regime and rules for deliberate tax defaulters.

We have a team with the specialist tax knowledge to assist you and your business with a wide range of tax disputes (including one member of staff who is a former Inspector of Taxes within the Special Inquiry section of HMRC) and we’ll help make sure you’re aware of any changes in law or HMRC’s approach and what they mean to you. If you do need help negotiating a settlement, dealing with HMRC or putting together a fact-based case, then we have the right people and the experience to help you.