Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”
– Henry Ford

At Shaikh & Co we help clients to plan for the future by asking the right questions and adding value to the decision-making process and ensuring clients have effective relationships with their closest business associates.

We thrive on assisting our clients to achieve their goals and to make the right decisions. We do this by identifying and overcoming their reputational and relationship obstacles, spotting and maximising opportunities for them to build on or utilise their reputations, and designing communication strategies.

Having a clear direction and understanding of where you want your business to be is vital to profit generation, success and shareholder value.

Targets need to be challenging but achievable, to gain the support of everyone in your organisation and be based on your core competencies to maximise advantage over your competitors.

Shaikh & Co are able to offer businesses various services bringing together both financial and operational knowledge:

  • We can help to identify your core competencies and through the use of these develop a strategic plan that will give your organisation competitive advantage and direction for future growth
  • We will critically review the budgets prepared checking for consistency to your organisation’s long term goals. Evaluate the feasibility of achieving the targets highlighting risks and opportunities and offering recommendations
  • And, through working with your operational management, we can assist in the preparation of the budget for the organisation and presentation to the budget holders and board

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