The biggest mistake some owners make is in not getting the right advice. They may decide their business is worth £10m, only to learn too late that they could have received £20m for it

Time and time again we are asked what a particular business is worth if bought or sold.

The valuation of a business is where a set of laid down procedures are used to estimate the economic worth to the owner(s). Most owners will need a valuation at some point, especially when they want to determine how well the business is performing and whether or not it is achieving its potential. There are many other reasons a company may need a valuation such as prior to sale, in relation to divorce litigation, disputes related to estate and gift taxation, tax planning, business mergers, assistance when negotiating with tax authorities and pension planning. Valuations are also required when the pricing of share issues is necessary, where the business is making preparations in advance of an IPO or a stock market quote on the valuation of target companies during an acquisition. We provide valuations in these and all other instances, including claims for damages or insured losses.

Research is key to reaching the correct valuation and We at Shaikh & Co work with our research analysts partners and other appropriate professionals in order to assist you. As a team, we work closely with our clients to get a detailed and thorough view of the the business and the key potential purchasers, gauging their level of interest, their appetite and the general attractiveness of the business to them. There are many factors that will determine the our recommended valuation, suffice it to say we and our partners are adept, highly skilled and have carried out many successful negotiations on behalf of our clients.

Some reasons why Businesses are valued:

  • Acting as an expert witness
  • Arm’s length valuations for tax purposes
  • Breach of warranty claims under a sale & purchase agreement
  • Business sales and acquisitions
  • Fair value of intangible assets
  • Fiscal valuations
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Raising equity finance
  • Share based payments and share options
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Transaction based valuations
  • Transfer of assets within a group
  • Valuation of assets and liabilities in accordance with IFRS, UK GAAP and US GAAP
  • Valuations for capital gains purposes
  • Valuation of investments
  • Valuations under the Takeover Code

For whatever reason you need your business valued, Shaikh & Co are fully equipped to carry this out for you and also help to arrange funding. Why not come in for an initial, no obligation discussion?