Business Plans by Shaikh & Co, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Fail to plan, then plan to fail!

A business plan is a formal statement of a set of goals that a business believes are attainable, the reasons why this is achievable and the plan to make it happen. It ought to also contain background information about the company and its workforce. Business plans are often needed when companies are looking to implement a major change or take on a new venture and need to apply for additional financial support such as a bank loan (also see our Looking for Finance section). It is important that your business plan encompasses at least the next 3 to 5 years.

A business plan needs to represent every aspect of a business’s planning process declaring its overall future strategy alongside minor plans to cover marketing, finance, operations, and personnel and ought to include a legal plan if required.

Shaikh & Co staff have extensive experience in assisting companies to produce effective and realistic business plans and we will help you to cover the following content areas:

  • Background information
  • A marketing plan
  • An operational plan
  • A financial plan
  • A discussion of the decision making criteria that should be used to approve the plan.

Some of these areas may be more or less important depending on why you need to produce it, there is no fixed content, it needs adjusting each time you want to present it or prove whether or not it is sensible to pursue a goal. It is also important that you monitor the results and take account for it in your strategic planning.

See our help sheet on writing a business plan.