A goal without a plan is just a wish

Once you have established your business and it is making a profit on the products and/or services you sell to customers, you ought to start thinking about how to grow.

Many businesses think of growth in terms of increased sales, but it’s also important to focus on how to maintain or improve your profitability.

Our business growth service will take an in-depth look at your business and identify:

  • ways of increasing your sales, both to existing customers and new customers
  • methods to follow when setting goals and the need for an action plan, also known as strategic planning
  • how your business compares to similar ones in your industry, please also see benchmarking – how you can develop new products and/or services and how to sell them to new or existing markets
  • how to know what your unique selling point is and how to maximise on that
  • whether there is a need to hire additional staff or further the training of current staff
  • ways in which you can source additional funding to enable your business to grow (see also looking for finance)
  • which systems need setting in place and how they will help you sustain the growth year on year

For more information see our …

  • Business growth helpsheets
  • Special business reports
  • Brilliant business books
  • Business profitability calculators