Acquisition and Expansion finance

It is crucial to raise the right type of finance as your company grows. We build the right deal structure and find the right financier through our detailed understanding of your business and focusing on your its key growth issues.

The dedicated team at Shaikh & Co work closely with several financial institutions and, because we know exactly how to source the right type of finance for each situation, we can assist you in negotiating the terms and conditions as well as make sense of the (usually) very detailed contracts and paperwork.

You will no doubt be aware that there are very many different ways to raise funds and using a ‘blindfold and pin’ approach doesn’t work to successfully raise money for acquisitions means targeting the correct financiers whether they be venture capitalists, private equity houses, banks, or business angels. Our team of experts has already built up strong relationships with a whole network of financial institutions and we will help you to find the right funding at the right terms for your business, whether it is acquisition funding or for expansion.

Selling your business

When it comes to selling your business the most significant actions to factor in are Planning and Preparation because a poorly prepared or badly managed business can reduce its value on the open market. A business that has been properly groomed for sale is worth considerably more than one that hasn’t, however it can take up to 24 months to prepare a business which is why advance planning and lots of fore-thought is necessary. We spend time with our clients, and, together with their management team learn all about every aspect of their business including its weaknesses and then, after gaining a thorough understanding of its strengths we help to minimise the negatives and market strongly the positives. Shaikh & Co have extensive experience in assisting clients with selling businesses and we focus on giving you the correct level of support and advice during what can be a long process, whilst ultimately seeking to obtain the best value for the shareholders.

By offering a complete service including managing all aspects of the transaction to completion you can rest assured that the business will be pre-prepared fully, marketed at a premium price, and the correct purchaser is found to bring the sale to the very best financial outcome.

Our total service includes:

  • Creating an exit strategy to establish the right time and right route for exit
  • Correct Valuation of the business
  • Assistance in preparing the business for sale
  • Advising on the preparation of a Sale Information Memorandum to communicate the opportunity to potential purchasers
  • Formulating a marketing strategy for the sale of the business
  • Identifying potential purchasers
  • Screening and handling of all potential purchasers
  • Preparing paperwork and data-room ready for the purchaser to conduct due diligence
  • Identifying any due diligence issues in advance
  • Undertaking vendor due diligence
  • Leading negotiations on the sale price and other terms and conditions
  • Project-managing the transaction to completion

By offering a complete service to our clients we ensure that incoming and exiting shareholders are supported by helping them with the valuation of their holdings and assisting in the negotiation of the terms of entry or exit.

Buying a business

Together with our professional partners we provide a complete Transaction Management service to assist our clients who are looking to grow their business by acquisition, providing solid and relevant advice with the more complex areas that they might encounter.

Buying a business can take time, and nearly always entails significant additional resources and expertise which is why it is important that during this process, businesses are not distracted from their normal everyday processes. Taking your ‘eye off the ball’ could impact on the existing business which is why it pays to pass over the responsibilities to a team who are experienced and professional like Shaikh & Co. Our team will evaluate the opportunities, take the lead on price negotiations, source appropriate finance if necessary and provide you with proper advice on all the financial aspects of the purchase, in a practical and professional way. We help businesses by using our previous experience and knowledge to single out potential targets for acquisition which enable them to achieve their strategic goals, stabilise their business and increase shareholder value.

Our total service includes:

  • Identifying potential acquisition targets
  • Providing independent valuation advice which takes into account both commercial and financial benefits
  • Advising on the whole acquisition process and develop your strategy for buying
  • Advising on Tax and Commercial matters
  • Advising on the necessary terms of the Sale and Purchase agreement, signposting any issues that could lead to negotiating a better price as well as the identification of items that warranties and indemnities need to be sought for
  • Providing detailed analysis of the ongoing working capital requirements once the entities are combined
  • Managing the acquisition process right through to completion

We have an extensive network of professional contacts and we can assist you to find the right business for your expansion.