The reasons why Business owners are ready to sell are of course varied, but usually centre round personal circumstances and lifestyle choices; often triggered by their age, relationships and expectations for the future.

The main focus has to be on managing any matters that might impede the sale or reduce the value of the business on exit as well as on the implementation of appropriate, well-planned strategies being put in place before any announcements are made, in order to minimise the impact of the owner’s exit strategy.

Businesses with multiple owners/partners and shareholders have to ensure that all parties are in agreement with the sale and this is where the involvement of an experienced Accountant is invaluable, because they can liaise with all parties concerned, their expertise and advice will assist in ensuring maximum net proceeds are maintained after the sale and that it conforms to laid down procedures. An Accountant will assist you in getting the timing right for your exit strategy and help you to formulate plans for the future too. Are you planning to retire or are you investing the proceeds in another business? Have you considered the range of options for tax planning purposes? If circumstances are beyond your control have you considered bringing in other investors instead of selling the business? Do you need help in raising finance? At Shaikh & Co we will ask the right questions to ensure your future is as well planned and profitable as it can be, and illustrate to you that moving on financially after the sale of a business can be a positive step given, the right circumstances.

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