Improving your Business

We take great pride in being proactive and we want you to feel the same about your business. We are about more than just ticking boxes. We will give you advice that will save you money and enhance the future potential of your business.

We are always looking for challenging and different ways for you to make an impact on your company’s growth because there is nothing more rewarding for us than to know that we have directly influenced your success.

We will encourage you to be proactive, not reactive and, using the correct analytical and reporting tools, we will give you well-rounded and informed advice on a number of different planning processes, highlighting potential opportunities and meeting possible challenges head on.

We have listed below just some of the ways in which we can help you to improve your business but in order to serve your needs best we recommend you book a free initial no obligation meeting with us so that we can explain them in detail to you:


What results are you getting compared to others in your industry? What do others do to achieve results and could your business results be improved in line with the average or even exceed the best competitors? We will analyse the Strategic Objectives to ascertain what can take your organisation to the next level.

Strategic Planning

Using tools at our disposal we can help you answer the following questions:

where are we now?

where do we want to be?

how do we get there?

Many confuse Strategic Plans with Business Plans, however they are not the same, the latter is usually intended to raise funds for one of a number of reasons, whereas the former shapes your business’s future. We at Shaikh & Co do not theorise about the concept but instead help you create plans for your business that are precise, justifiable and, above all, practical.

Value Added Business Development Reports

We use unique and powerful software and analytical tools that allows us to turn complex financial data into actionable intelligence which empowers people to make better financial decisions. Why not discover how you can add value and differentiate your business?

We use 3 distinct tools to provide you with reports and suggestions:

1. Snapshot – takes complex financial numbers from your business operations and creates a financial analysis with meaningful narrative and graphics which we review with you in detail;

2. Counsellor – this is a powerful tool which allows you to generate “what-if” scenarios, thus allowing you to make better decisions;

3. Analytical Procedures – which are designed to conduct a high-level audit of your business and to help you analyse your business based on historical data. It also shows you how your business compares with those in the industry in general and also with your immediate competitors thus helping you with strategies to compete effectively.