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4 ways your brand goes beyond the logo design

Your company’s brand is about so much more than the logo your customers see on packaging or the letterhead. The aesthetics that are used to convey the message may be attractive, but that’s not the same as being an effective brand. Brand concerns itself with something deeper, something that goes way beyond aesthetics.

What does brand influence?

Brand influences how you interact with your customers including everything from tone of voice through to the text on your website, company brochures and publications.

Brand influences how you handle customer service: whether you give customers an experience they’ll want to repeat. It’s also about how you handle customer service for your staff; do you give them the autonomy to behave in accordance with the company ethos? How does staff autonomy impact on your customer service?

Brand affects your company’s personality and this should come across in your marketing style, your customers should feel they know you and aren’t being given the hard sell. Brand is a means for developing a relationship.

Involving yourself in events and charities that mean something to you as an organisation and establish clearly who you are is another way you can build your brand. And building a brand in this way impacts on public relations and how your company is seen by those locally and in your sector.

At a time when budgets are tight, justifying costs is difficult when there’s often no clear return on investment. Whilst brand is a broad concept, it’s often recognised that the effect of a clear and coherent brand strategy serves to enhance other areas of the business. To draw upon a similar rationale, it’s generally accepted that a visually appealing logo is a must although it would of course be inappropriate to calculate the ROI on a logo design.

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