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5 Skills a Director Learns after Years in Business

Company directors have usually worked their way to a position of seniority through commitment, business acumen and their ability to grow and develop a business. However, there are a few skills that really fall outside the realm of textbook instruction and can be (and often must be) learned and mastered on the job.

Here are 5 of the most obscure talents that a company director gains after years on the job.

1. The ability to make small talk

It could be meeting new clients and family/friends of staff, or discussing their business with other business leaders – no matter what, a company director often boasts an ability to charm and be seen as quite ‘memorable’ to everyone they meet. Whether it’s the office Christmas party or the annual picnic, the company director will meet a lot of new faces, and it is vital to make a remarkable impression.

2. The ability to replace names in conversation

With so many faces in larger companies, it can be hard to keep track of all the names. Therefore, a director will have probably developed ways to avoid calling people by their name if they do not remember. It may just be a “come and speak to this young fellow” rather than the ‘target’s’ name, but if a company director doesn’t know your name, you probably won’t be able to tell.

3. A Christmas card vocabulary

When writing the office Christmas cards, a director has to try and sound like thought has gone into all conversations with staff. So their Christmas card greetings and messages all tend to be different. No standard drafted messages to see here!

4. The talent to screen calls in seconds

A director may pass a call on to a secretary or wait for the call to go to voicemail, because no matter what, all directors are experts at screening calls in uber-quick time. Directors don’t want distractions, and they will know what calls are important almost instantly.

5. Instincts

You don’t become a director without learning a few tricks of the trade. Whether it is a large number of staff being “ill” after the staff night out, or a particular band’s fan being “sick” the day they are playing at a local venue, a director has seen it all and probably (they won’t admit it) done it all! A company director will have business instinct and will tend to trust it.

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