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Not all accountants are the same!

4 Creative Technology Firm Job Titles for 2016

Technology firms love to create oddball job titles for their staff, to make the job advert stand out, and to help staff feel distinct from the enterprise herd or just more valuable. So, tech workers who call themselves “rockstars” or “evangelists” on their business card are just like the rest of us, but some have gone for more way-out job titles.

Chief Happiness Officer

This used to be the person who arranged the bowling, quiz and other social nights out at your company. Now it has evolved into a career, ensuring that people are happy in their workplace, clear in both how their work benefits the business, and how the business can benefit them. A happier business, both in terms of the office environment and staff, should be a better place to work.

Hacker in Residence

Charged with finding solutions to IT system or business problems through innovative thinking and coding, the hacker in residence is a coder/thinker on the cutting edge, able to cross departmental boundaries, juggling many job hats along the way.

Digital Curator

People in these jobs help social or news media and other sites get the best or most relevant content in the small area of front page space available. Facebook’s tiny Trending section is an example of curation. A clear overlap with public relations of course, but that doesn’t sound as exciting.

Paid Brexit Intern

Need to create a wealth of readily-available clickbait? Bring someone in to fill your site with topical quotes, news and links, and voila!, the clicks will flood in. Insert any suitably catchy word and repeat to the end of time, or until you run out of interns.

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